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about us

The man that does not fear punishment, little regards crime.

Crime Stoppers of Niagara is a highly respected non-profit organization that is focused on
promoting public safety in the Niagara Region. Since its establishment in 1985, the organization
has been fully committed to its mission of preventing and solving serious crimes in the area.


By partnering with members of the public, the media, and the criminal justice system, Crime
Stoppers of Niagara has been able to make significant strides in reducing crime rates in the
region. Through its effective and comprehensive crime prevention strategies, the organization
has become a trusted and reliable resource for community members who are looking to make a
positive impact in their neighborhoods.

Crime Stoppers of Niagara is dedicated to building safer communities by empowering residents
to take an active role in keeping their neighborhoods safe. Whether it’s reporting suspicious
activity, providing tips on unsolved crimes, or participating in community events, the
organization encourages everyone to get involved in the fight against crime.


With a strong commitment to public safety and a proven track record of success, Crime Stoppers
of Niagara is an invaluable asset to the Niagara community. By working together, we can create a
safer, more secure future for everyone in the region.

Crime Stoppers Mission & Objectivs

The mission of Crime Stoppers is to empower people to make their communities safer by providing a safe and anonymous way to report crime. Our primary objective is to foster a cooperative relationship between the public, the media, and law enforcement for the prevention and solving of crime. We aim to increase public awareness about criminal activities, encourage community participation through anonymous tips, and facilitate swift justice. Our goal is not just to solve individual cases but to deter criminal activity by demonstrating that every member of the community can play a role in maintaining public safety. Through these efforts, Crime Stoppers strives to create a more secure, informed, and engaged community.

The primary goal of Crime Stoppers is to eliminate the fear of retaliation and encourage the public to anonymously assist law enforcement agencies in capturing and prosecuting criminals. We urge citizens to call our toll-free TIPS line (1-800-222 TIPS (8477)) which is available 24/7 and staffed by both local coordinators and a specialized answering service. If the provided information leads to an arrest, seizure of narcotics, or recovery of stolen property, the tipster may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2000. Our mission is to create a safe and secure community by involving the public in the fight against crime.

Help us make a difference by reporting any suspicious activity and be part of the solution.

Crime Stoppers History & Accomplishments

Since its inception in 1985, Crime Stoppers of Niagara has achieved remarkable accomplishments in crime prevention and community safety. With the collaboration of citizens, law enforcement, and the media, they have successfully resolved numerous cases, leading to significant arrests and the prevention of various criminal activities. Their efforts have not only brought justice to many but also enhanced the overall safety of the Niagara region. Through anonymous tips and proactive community engagement, Crime Stoppers of Niagara has become a pivotal force in fostering a secure environment, showcasing the power of collective action in maintaining public safety and order.

Meet the Crime Stoppers team


Aleksandria Iankoulov
Board Member
Ana Cabansay
Board Member
Clarissa Gatbonton (Rizza)
Board Member
Ernie Sibbet
Chairman of the Board
Gary Snider
Board Member
Jake Orr
Board Member
Jason Snyder
Vice Chair
Joey Burke
Board Member
Mike Britton
Peter Holman
Board Member
Ben Simmonds
Alexander MacKenzie Reschke
Board Member
Bradley Robinson
Board Member
Ziad Hajifazul
Board Member
Luke Jasudavicius
Board Member
Vickie Sisler Devos
Board Member
Kendall Martyniuk
Board Member
Yesenia (Jessi) MARROQUIN
Board Member
Ziad Hajifazul
Board Member
Luke Jasudavicius
Board Member