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The support from our partners is crucial to Niagara's success in community safety.
Ernie Sibbet
Chairman of Crime Stoppers of Niagara

Empower Niagara

Become a partner

Being a Crime Stoppers partner not only allows for active involvement in enhancing community safety, but also offers valuable advertising opportunities, showcasing commitment to social responsibility and community well-being. This partnership is a dual benefit, providing a platform for positive brand visibility while contributing to crucial crime prevention efforts.

Our Partners

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our community leaders for their sponsorship and support of our crime-solving and prevention programs, which have been instrumental in keeping our community safe and secure. Thank you for your continuous efforts in keeping these programs running smoothly.



Eighty-three percent of Americans wish more of the products, services and retailers they use would support causes Aligning with Crime Stoppers of Niagara underscores a shared commitment to safety and community. By delivering important safety information alongside products or services you add value to those products and services and let your customers know you care.

Corporate leaders, foundations and individuals can provide critical support to Crime Stoppers of Niagara by helping to deliver programs and services that help protect our community. Including employees in your partnerships with Crime Stoppers of Niagara can help create a culture of caring at the organizations. Employee involvement could include using unique skills and expertise to further Crime Stoppers of Niagara’s mission. Companies can include Crime Stoppers of Niagara in employee giving campaigns and support employee sponsored community events.

Crime Stoppers of Niagara’s corporate partners have demonstrated their commitment to our cause by engaging their clients and partners at the golf tournaments, auctions and other special events raising money for Crime Stoppers of Niagara.

High profile events throughout the Niagara Region honor those who support Crime Stoppers of Niagara’s mission and the safety of our community, sponsoring one of these events for Crime Stoppers of Niagara is a great way to celebrate individuals dedicated to Crime Stoppers of Niagara’s mission, create hope and spotlight your sponsorship of Crime Stoppers of Niagara.

Crime Stoppers of Niagara is committed to creating dynamic partnerships to leverage various elements a corporations business partners can engaged in multilayered partnerships with Crime Stoppers of Niagara by hosting events, providing online exposure for Crime Stoppers of Niagara, generating visibility in their employee giving campaigns and connecting with their customers through in store promotions benefitting Crime Stoppers of Niagara.
Community Partnerships and Collaborations

As the leading crime prevention resource for the Niagara community, Crime Stoppers’ role is to facilitate the important conversations with the community at large. We are able to conduct a series of education and awareness events throughout the year due to partnerships with other agencies, law enforcement and the media.